Amazon Prime Video partners with Global News to provide 24/7 news amid COVID-19 pandemic

The live feeds will include national and regional news

Amazon Prime Video has partnered with Global News to provide Canadians with live regional and national news amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Global News notes that this new coverage is free for all new and existing Amazon customers. There will be five new feeds available on Amazon, which are available for free on Prime Video.

The five feeds include: Global New National, Global News Toronto, Global News BC, Global News Calgary and Global News Edmonton.

“Given the heightened interest in fact-based journalism right now, we are grateful to have the opportunity to share our content on Prime Video and reach new audiences looking for credible and timely information,” said Ward Smith, senior vice-president of Global News, in a post.

Users don’t need a Prime membership to access the news feed on Prime Video, they just need to sign into their Amazon account, as Global News notes that “anyone with an Amazon.ca account can access the round-the-clock news coverage.”

The feeds will be accessible to Canadians 24/7 from coast to coast.

Source: Global News