Rogers added 131,000 net postpaid wireless subscribers in Q4 2019

The carrier missed analyst estimates as it saw a decrease in its revenues

Rogers had 131,000 postpaid net additions in Q4 2019, which is a 17 percent increase from the same quarter in 2018.

The national carrier now has approximately 9,438,000 postpaid subscribers, according to its earnings report. It also reported that it has approximately 1,402,000 prepaid subscribers. By the end of 2019, Rogers reports a total of around 10,840,000 wireless subscribers.

When compared to Q4 2018, the carrier had a total of 10,783,000 wireless subscribers. This was broken down to 9,157,000 postpaid subscribers and 1,626,000 prepaid subscribers.

Further, Rogers reported an accelerated adoption of its Infinite unlimited plans. The carrier launched its unlimited data plans with no overage fees in June of last year.

“Approximately 1.4 million subscribers, or triple the number we had expected at this time, are currently benefitting from our Rogers Infinite unlimited data plans. Approximately 60 percent of our existing customers that have migrated to these plans have upgraded to higher price plans, whereas about 40 percent of our customers have downgraded,” the carrier wrote in its report.

The carrier notes that migrated customers, on average, are using over 65 percent more data than they had previously used.

In its fourth quarter, Rogers reported a wireless postpaid churn rate of 1.26 percent, which is a slight increase from the 1.23 percent reported in Q4 2018. Churn rate is the percentage of subscribers who discontinue their subscriptions in a month.

Rogers reports that its Average Billing Per Unit (ABPU) in Q4 2019 is $66.17, while it was $65.12 in the same quarter of 2018. Further, its Average Revenue Per Unit (ARPU) is $55.26 in Q4 2019, which is a slight decrease from the $55.91 reported in Q4 2018.

“Wireless blended ARPU declined 1 percent this quarter, primarily as a result of the decrease in overage revenue. Overage revenue declines and related blended ARPU impacts are expected to occur over the next four quarters,” the carrier explained.

Rogers reported a one percent decrease in wireless revenue in Q4 2019. The carrier says this is because it experienced a “faster-than-expected” subscriber adoption of its Infinite unlimited data plans.