Puzzle game Lego Builder’s Journey is the latest title to hit Apple Arcade

Apple continues to add new games to Apple Arcade in quick succession.

The latest title to hit the video game subscription platform is Lego Builder’s Journey, a puzzle adventure game that features the iconic brick toy.

While little is known about Lego Builder’s Journey, a description says that it features “meditative music,” tasks players with solving puzzles, places an emphasis on “creative play material” and delivers “poetic narrative highlighting the importance of play in our lives.”


While I haven’t had the chance to check out Lego Builder’s Journey yet, the game seems to have a lot in common with the calming puzzle game Monument Valley.

Apple Arcade is priced at $5.99/CAD per month and comes with a free one-month trial subscription. Apple recently launched a yearly Apple Arcade subscription that is priced at $59.99.