Netflix testing ‘Watch Now’ feature for randomized content viewing

Let Netflix choose for you

Netflix app on an iPhone X

Netflix has begun testing a new ‘Watch Now’ feature that aims to let users jump into streaming without the need to browse for specific content.

As first reported by Variety, the feature is sort of the Netflix equivalent of flipping through channels on TV. The Watch Now button will be accessible from the profile selection screen or the sidebar of the Netflix dashboard.

According to Variety, Netflix will then begin playing the next episode of a show that the user is currently watching, something from ‘My List’ or a completely separate title as chosen by Netflix’s algorithms. A brief explanation will also be given as to why the title in question was chosen.

Additionally, a ‘Play Something Else’ option is being tested among users who have selected Watch Now, allowing them to bring up a different algorithmically-chosen title if they’re not interested in what Netflix first suggested.

The service is also adding a new “Play Something Else” button to the video player itself, giving viewers a chance to try a few of Netflix’s recommendations without having to browse the service’s app. However, at least during this test, the “Play Something Else” button is only being displayed to users who started their viewing session with “Watch Now.”

It’s currently unclear how widely the Watch Now feature is being tested or whether it will roll out to all users in the future.

Source: Variety