Google confirms automatic Call Screen will come to older Pixels ‘soon’

It's not clear when automatic Call Screen will roll out to other devices, or when it'll come to Canada

Call Screen on Pixel 4

After announcing automatic Call Screen as part of the upcoming ‘feature drop’ for Pixel devices, Google has confirmed the functionality will eventually make its way to all Pixel phones.

In the feature drop announcement, Google indicated that automatic Call Screen would be a Pixel 4 exclusive. However, the company confirmed to Business Insider that older Pixel devices running Android 10 will get the feature “over the coming weeks.” Specifically, this means the original Pixel series, as well as the Pixel 2, 3 and 3a devices.

For those unfamiliar with Call Screen, it’s a feature added alongside the Pixel 3. Users can initiate it when receiving a call and have Google Assistant answer for them. Call Screen displays a transcript of the call so users can read along and answer if it’s important or report it if its spam.

The one problem with this system is that it still disrupts users by ringing the phone and requires interaction to deal with. The new automated Call Screen feature works much the same as before, but it answers suspected spam calls automatically. If a call isn’t spam, Call Screen will ring your phone after a few moments and provide some context so you know who’s calling and why.

Ultimately, it seems like a handy feature that could help cut down on spam calls without disrupting people.

While it’s only rolling out in the U.S. for now, the feature will likely come to Canada in the near future, similar to how Call Screen rolled out first on U.S. Pixel 3 devices before coming to Canada.

Source: Business Insider Via: 9to5Google