Google Photos is rolling out a new account switcher sporting Material Theme

This a server-side update that's not getting widely rolled out

Google Photos

Google is rolling out an updated Material Theme account switcher for the Android Photos app.

With the update, the profile icon will now appear on the right. According to 9to5Googlewhich first spotted the change — Google One status is noted if you’re a member. You’ll notice that the account switcher, replaces the three-dot ‘overflow’ menu that included the ability to create new albums, prints, movies and more.

What was in the overflow menu is now accessible by a ‘tap and hold’ or ‘a pinch to zoom’ gesture.

When pressed, the account switcher only shows the active account. There’s also a dropdown menu that lets you access the “without an account” option and the other accounts.

Further, there is an option below this that allows users to ‘Free up’ storage and backup photos. When backing up photos, a blue ring appears around the image, indicating how far the process is from completion.

The Photos backup switcher is not live for me on my Pixel 4 XL. It’s likely this is a server-side update that isn’t getting widely rolled out yet.

Let us know in the comments below if you’ve received the update.

Source: 9to5Google