Toronto, Ottawa and Vancouver top Canada’s 2019 tech talent list

Altogether, more than 161,000 tech jobs were added to Canada's work force between 2013 and 2018

Toronto skyline

Commercial Real Estate Services (CBRE) Canada has released a new study titled ‘Canada Scoring Tech Talent 2019’ that ranks the country’s top 20 cities based on their local tech industries.

Altogether, the firm considers numerous factors while ranking, including talent availability, quality of labour and cost competitiveness. A numerical score is then assigned based on how cities fared in each category.

According to CBRE Canada, these are the top 20 cities in Canada for tech talent, along with their scores and how their placement in the ranking has changed since last year:

  1. Toronto, Ontario (88.1) [unchanged]
  2. Ottawa, Ontario (73.1) [unchanged]
  3. Vancouver, British Columbia (71.4) [up one spot]
  4. Waterloo, Ontario (69.4) [up one position]
  5. Montreal, Quebec (69.3) [down two spots]
  6. Calgary, Alberta (53.9) [unchanged]
  7. Victoria, British Columbia (53.7) [up three spots]
  8. Quebec City, Quebec (50.2) [unchanged]
  9. Hamilton, Ontario (48.7) [unchanged]
  10. Edmonton, Alberta (48.2) [up one spot]
  11. Halifax, Nova Scotia (44.6) [down four spots]
  12. Oshawa, Ontario (42.8) [up two spots]
  13. Guelph, Ontario (41.8) [first time on rankings]
  14. London, Ontario (36.2) [down one spot]
  15. Regina, Saskatchewan (35.7) [unchanged]
  16. Winnipeg, Manitoba (33.4) [down four spots]
  17. St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador (31.2) [unchanged]
  18. Windsor, Ontario (27.8) [unchanged]
  19. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (16.1) [up one spot]
  20. Moncton, Manitoba (13.3) [down one spot]

Regardless of where cities may have placed, CBRE Canada says the report’s findings tell an “unprecedented good news story” for the state of Canada’s tech industry. The firm cites university programs that help produce “highly educated tech workers” in specialized tech fields like AI and multimedia production, as well as “accommodative immigration policies” to attract international talent.

Canada’s pool of qualified workers also draws many U.S. tech companies to expand across the border. This has helped create 161,700 tech jobs to Canada’s work force between 2013 and 2018 and add 2.8 million sq. ft. of new build pre-leasing in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal alone.

View the full Canada Scoring Tech Talent 2019 here.

Image credit: Flickr — jpkrone