Facebook expands donation options with new Instagram button and more

The social network also expanded its Facebook Gaming fundraising options

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Facebook is expanding options for people to donate through its various platforms. This includes a new dedicated donation button in Instagram, a donate sticker for Facebook Stories and a broader rollout of fundraising for Facebook Gaming.

Likely, the new Instagram button will be the most important new tool. It enables nonprofit businesses to add a donation button to their Instagram profile. It appears next to where the company lists its phone number. Most importantly, the new button is a permanent addition, unlike the donate button available in Instagram Stories, which vanish after 24 hours.

That Instagram Stories button will now make its way to Facebook Stories as well.

Finally, Facebook will now allow Level Up gamers in regions where fundraising tools are available to use charity gaming tools. This includes Canada, but you can find a full list of countries here.

Gamers will be able to select a cause, request viewers donate money as they watch the game live and set a goal amount. Plus, notifications will pop-up in the chat when people donate, allowing the streamer to shout out donators.

While none of these changes will revolutionize Facebook’s donation system, they will put donation options in front of more people, which should make it easier for nonprofits to collect donations.

You can learn more about Facebook’s donation efforts here.

Source: Facebook Via: The Verge