Fido offering $65 worth of bonus credits when you activate a new phone

If you need a new phone, this isn't a terrible deal

If you are considering getting a new phone then Fido’s latest incentive might be enough to convince you.

The carrier is offering buyers a $65 bill credit if they get a new phone. While it isn’t a huge amount, it’s still a nice bonus if you were considering getting a new handset.

The iPhone 8 also comes with a $150 activation credit so users could get a total of $215 in credits by combining these offers.

That said, Black Friday is coming up and all of the major carriers might have better deals on phones then.

Notably, Fido is marketing this as a $100 offer, but that only happens if you buy the phone online. When you purchase handsets from the carrier online it waives the $35 activation fee.

Source: Fido