Apple’s upcoming Mac Pro appears in Calvin Harris’ Instagram Story

Mac Pro

Apple’s powerful new workstation desktop, the Mac Pro, has made an appearance in the wild. However, there’s still no release date — or Canadian details — in sight.

The Cupertino, California company announced the new desktop at WWDC 2019 along with the new Pro Display XDR. At the time, it teased a September release, but that never materialized. Instead, it’s expected sometime in the fall.

While some are still waiting for the Mac Pro to become available, others have gotten their hands on it already. For example, DJ and producer Clavin Harris, who gave us a peep at the desktop in an Instagram Story posted to his account.

The Story appeared to be a teaser for a song Harris was working on, but some eagle-eyed viewers spotted the new Mac Pro on the floor beside the DJ’s desk.

According to 9to5Mac, Harris, among other creative professionals, likely received Mac Pros from Apple to test ahead of the device’s public release.

Coupled with the Pro recently passing through the FCC, we could possibly see a release sometime soon. Although, as YouTuber MKBHD pointed out, Apple technically has until December 21st to hit its fall deadline.

Regardless, Canadian availability and pricing are still unclear. Apple released the Mac Pro U.S. pricing, but not the Canadian details.

Mac Pro is set to start at $5,999 USD (roughly $8,060 CAD), while the Pro Display XDR starts at $4,999 USD (roughly $6,716 CAD).

Source: 9to5Mac