Twitter is exploring improving several features in 2020

Take these ideas with a grain of salt because Twitter is only thinking of making the features better


Twitter wants to work on several new features to improve them in 2020, including how retweets work.

According to a The Verge article, Dantley Davis, Twitter’s vice-president of design and research, indicated this by releasing a list of features on Twitter. A spokesperson followed up later and said that the team was excited to “explore” these ideas in the next year.

The spokesperson said Davis wouldn’t officially announce any of them and told The Verge that these were just “ideas we’re exploring,” which means that they might not happen altogether.

“The features mentioned are ideas we’re exploring — and experimentation have always been a part of our process. We’ll have more to share should we decide to move forward with any of them,” a spokesperson wrote to The Verge.

A list of these ideas includes removing yourself from a conversation, not allowing retweets of a tweet you put out, not allowing someone to mention you without your permission, removing a mention of you from a conversation, and specifically tweeting something to a hashtag or to specific people.

Of course, Davis tweeted again in the hopes of getting feedback from people on these ideas.

Source: The Verge