Apple launches updated website that highlights iOS 13’s new privacy features

The tech giant has also released a number of new white paper documents related to iOS 13 privacy features

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Apple has updated its privacy website’s layout with three new distinct sections that outline the company’s ongoing commitment to privacy: ‘Overview,’ ‘Features’ and ‘Control.’

Along with this, the tech giant has also launched a variety of white paper documents focused on iOS 13’s various new privacy features.

The product description-like page outlines new iOS 13 privacy-focused functionality like ‘Sign in with Apple’ feature, App location permissions, background tracking notification permissions, location controls for shared photos and more. Pretty much every new privacy feature introduced in iOS 13 is included in Apple’s new privacy website.

This updated page continues a trend we’ve seen over the last few years where Apple is placing emphasis on the privacy-focus of its devices and operating systems when compared to its competitors like Google and Amazon, especially in the wake of Facebook’s Cambridge Analytics scandal.

The company even put up several billboards over the past year that highlight its overarching emphasis on privacy, including one in downtown Toronto near Alphabet-owned Sidewalk Labs’ Quayside development.

Most recently controversy erupted surrounding Safari’s use of Tencent’s Safe Browsing system that fights malicious websites, as well as the company’s ongoing issues with surveillance and censorship in China. This controversy is not addressed in the new privacy page.

Apple also updated its privacy microsite last year with additional information regarding the company’s security practices, including a new system that allowed users to request a file outlining all of the personal data they’ve shared with the tech giant.

Unlike last year, this update to Apple’s privacy website doesn’t place an emphasis on macOS Catalina, Apple’s latest update to the tech giant’s desktop operating system.

Apple’s new privacy website is available at this link.