RED will no longer launch the successor to the Hydrogen One

Founder Jim Jannard is retiring due to health issues

RED was previously working on the successor to the Hydrogen One and the company promised a new cinema camera called the Komodo to launch alongside it.

However, Jim Jannard, the founder of RED, said it’s time for him to retire due to health reasons and will be shutting down the Hydrogen project. This means that there will be no Hydrogen Two.

Even though Hydrogen Two will never see the light of day, Jannard did confirm that the Komodo camera module will be compatible with the original Hydrogen One.

Additionally, Jannard also said that the company will continue to support the Hydrogen One.

It’s important to note that since its launch in 2017, the Hydrogen One has not received a major operating system update. This means, unfortunately, the device is still running Android Oreo.

Source: Jim Jannard (H4V User), Android Central