Execulink Telecom lowering internet plan prices, introducing unlimited usage

The company announced that its plans now have no activation fees and unlimited usage

Woodstock, Ontario-based Execulink Telecom has announced that it is lowering its prices on most of its wholesale internet plans.

The announcement includes that it will also be introducing unlimited usage and no activation fees to all of its plans.

The company says that many of their current wholesale internet customers will soon be receiving notice that their monthly bill is going down.

“Execulink is continually looking for ways to improve our services across the board, by staying competitive and giving back to our loyal customer base,” said Ian Stevens, president and CEO of Execulink Telecom, in a press release.

Although the company wasn’t clear as to why it was planning to reduce the prices, it could be due to the CRTC’s recent decision on lowering wholesale internet prices. Bell and Rogers previously disclosed that the decision would greatly impact their businesses.

Source: Execulink Telecom