The next OnePlus phone will come with Android 10 out of the box

This will be one of the first phones to ship with the OS

OnePlus has tweeted that its upcoming OnePlus 7T smartphone will run Android 10 right out of the box.

The company’s OnePlus 7-series of phones released in May of 2019 is already getting updated to Android 10, but the upcoming OnePlus 7T — which launches on the 26th — will ship with the fresh operating system when it launches.

The 7T is set to be revealed during a OnePlus keynote presentation at 10:30am ET/7:30am PT.

Android 10 on OnePlus devices is called OxygenOS 10.0. It offers improved notification controls, a new customization menu, a new system navigation format and more. It’s expected that the 7T will share all of these software features.

OnePlus also includes a game launcher app, expanded ‘Zen Mode’ features and a smarter ambient display in Android 10.

Source: OnePlus