YouTube app to stop existing on Nintendo 3DS, 2DS next week

The New Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo 3DS owners will no longer be able to access the portable console’s YouTube app next week.

9to5Google reported that the official YouTube app is being removed from Nintendo 3DS and 2DS consoles as of September 3rd. While the app has been available on these platforms for years, it’s been broken for several months now.

For example, the 3DS version of the YouTube app doesn’t support the handheld’s dual-screens.

Nintendo has announced the official shutdown of YouTube on the 3DS and also indicated that the app will stop working on existing devices at 9AM on September 3rd. It’s worth adding that the time is most likely specific to the local time in Japan. This means the 3DS’ YouTube app could still be live as of 8PM September 4th.

While the YouTube app is leaving the 3DS and 2DS, it remains on the Nintendo Wii U and also is available on Nintendo Switch.

Source: 9to5Google