Google rolls out Gallery Go, a lightweight photos app

The app can organize your photos based on people and items

Gallery Go

Google is rolling out another lightweight version of one of its popular apps. ‘Gallery Go’ brings all the magic of Google Photos and stuffs it in a tiny package.

It’s designed for the Android Go platform — Google’s slimmed-down OS made for low-cost phones in emerging markets.

Google says it designed Gallery Go to work offline, and it uses machine learning to organize photos and make pictures look better automatically. Similar to the fully-featured Photos app, Gallery Go can sort your images by people or subject, remember where you took a picture and keep track of important documents.

The best part is, Google says Gallery Go can achieve this without the need to access high-speed internet or cloud backup as Photos does.

Gallery Go

Further, Google talked up the editing tools in Gallery Go. It noted that the app offers several filters, rotate and crop features and more to help pictures look their best. Of course, the search giant brought Photos’ ‘auto-enhance’ feature to Gallery Go as well, so users can edit photos with just a tap.

Finally, Google made Gallery Go small — the app measures in at just 10MB, leaving more room on your device for your photos. Plus, Gallery Go supports SD cards for even more storage.

Gallery Go editing features

Gallery Go is available now on the Play Store for all devices running Android 8.1 Oreo or higher. However, Google notes that some features are region-locked, such as organizing photos by people. Additionally, Gallery Go will come pre-installed as the gallery app on the Itel S15 and select A55 devices starting next month (neither of those devices are available in Canada at the time of writing).

You can learn more about Gallery Go here, or download it from the Play Store.

Source: Google

Via: 9to5Google