Freedom Mobile’s ‘Big Gig Roam Extra International’ expands to Belize, Costa Rica, Norway

Freedom Mobile has expanded its ‘Big Gig Roam Extra International‘ to include countries such as Belize, Costa Rica and Norway.

Big Gig Roam Extra allows users to stay connected by offering unlimited global texting and unlimited global calls, including calls to Canada while roaming internationally.

There are two available packages with Big Gig Roam Extra. One is an eight-day package that offers an extra gig of data for $80 CAD. The other is a 16-day package that offers 2GB of data for $160.

After the customer uses up the 1GB or 2GB of additional data, they are billed standard roaming charges.

The Big Gig Roam Extra International add-on is also available in Asia, Europe and Oceania-based countries.

Source: Freedom Mobile