Facebook to limit visibility of posts with misleading health information


Facebook said it will reduce the visibility of posts that include exaggerated sensational health claims or attempt to sell products based on health-related claims.

The social media giant said posts that include misleading health claims will be shown lower in users’ News Feed.

Facebook will look for these types of posts by identifying phrases that are commonly used in misleading health claim posts, and will then predict which posts might include this content.

This change comes as Facebook attempts to tackle misinformation on its platform. Earlier this year, MobileSyrup reported that Facebook said it would use a third-party fact-checker to identify false videos. It would then place a disclaimer on the content.

Facebook is not the only social media giant looking to tackle misinformation around health. Last month, Twitter said users who searched for information on vaccines would be redirected to credible public health sources.

Facebook says most Pages won’t see any significant changes to their distribution in News Feed as a result of the update.

Source: Facebook