Porsche shares sketches of upcoming EV the Taycan

Porsche has finally given drivers a good look at its upcoming EV, the Taycan, with a few sketches and renders.

The automaker has been teasing its EV sports car for a while now and previously mentioned that it’s only making 10,000 units in the first year of production. The Taycan is set to cost roughly $122,700 to $177,300 CAD.

The new rendering reveals the sleek headlight design and the car’s low ride height.

While there are no specifics about the height, Porsche’s head of style Michael Mauer said, “Usually, purely electric vehicles are higher than their conventionally powered counterparts because the relatively heavy and large batteries are positioned in the floor of the vehicle while the occupants sit above them. We were not willing to accept this,” in a press release.

“We solved this with so-called “foot garages.” They enable a comfortable sitting position even in conjunction with the sporty vehicle height,” said Mauer.

While we have seen renders before and models in the wild, this is our best look at the upcoming car yet.

The vehicle is roughly three months from release, reports Electrek, so we’ll have to wait until then to see this thing in action.

Source: Porsche Via: Electrek