Here are the free games hitting Xbox Games with Gold in June 2019

Canadian-made NHL 19 leads June's lineup of free Xbox Games with Gold titles

NHL 19 Wayne Gretsky

Every month, Microsoft offers several Xbox One and Xbox 360 games to Xbox Live Gold subscribers at no additional cost.

Here are the four titles hitting the service in June:

EA Sports NHL 19

Developer: EA Vancouver (FIFA 19, NHL 18)
Publisher: EA (BattlefieldStar Wars Battlefront)
Genre: Sports
Xbox One release date: September 14th, 2018
Metacritic score: 82
Regular Microsoft Store price: $79.99 CAD

Canada’s own EA Vancouver returns with the latest entry in its popular NHL game series. NHL 19 features outdoor hockey rinks and ponds in new game modes, as well as 200 hockey legends, including Canadian ‘Great One’ Wayne Gretzky.

Rivals of Aether

Developer/Publisher: Dan Fornace (Super Smash Land)
Genre: Fighting
Xbox One release date: August 22nd, 2017
Metacritic score: N/A (User score is 8.0 based on five reviews)
Regular Microsoft Store price: $14.99

From indie game maker Dan Fornace comes Rivals of Aether, a Super Smash Bros.-inspired fighting game where characters must try to knock one another out of a two-dimensional arena. In addition to regular attacks, fighters can do damage to the stage to create hazards to throw off the other player.

Portal: Still Alive

Developer/Publisher: Valve (Half-Life, Team Fortress)
Genre: Puzzle-platformer
Xbox One release date: October 22nd, 2008
Metacritic score: 90
Regular Microsoft Store price: $14.99

Portal: Still Alive is the Xbox 360 port of the original beloved Portal PC puzzle game plus its 14 bonus challenges that were added post-launch. Players assume the role of Chell, a silent protagonist who must complete puzzles created by a ridiculing artificial intelligence named GLaDOS using the environment and a portal-creating gun.

Earth Defense Force 2017

Developer: Sandlot (Robot Alchemic Drive, Zangeki no Reginleiv)
Publisher: D3 Publisher (Simple, Dream Club)
Genre: Third-person shooter
Xbox One release date: March 20th, 2007 (North America)
Metacritic score: 69
Regular Microsoft Store price: $14.99

Earth Defense Force 2017 follows a soldier of an international army as he fights against an alien army that’s invading Earth. Players will have to use a variety of weapons on foot and in military vehicles like tanks and assault choppers repel the alien horde.

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