Lime ‘in talks’ to bring electric scooter rentals to Victoria, B.C.

This is the second Canadian city to get Lime scooters

Lime scooters are expanding to Canada’s West Coast, according to CTV News.

It’s been confirmed by CTV that San Francisco-based company Lime is in talks with the Victoria, B.C. government to bring electronic scooter transportation to the city.

The largest hurdle before Lime can deploy scooters in B.C. is the province’s Motor Vehicle Transportation Act. Currently, it’s illegal to drive electric scooters on sidewalks and public roads.

Lime lets its users rent scooters via an app and drive them to wherever they need to go. The cool thing about this is users can then just leave the scooter behind, and someone else will come and rent it, or pick it up to charge it.

This will be the first Canadian city to fully allow Lime to operate if it begins without a testing period.

The company first came to Canada when it launched a pilot project in Waterloo, Ontario. That project is in its second phase and is set to run until the fall of this year.

MobileSyrup has reached out to Lime to see if there is a timeline for when the scooters might come to B.C. and if they’re planning on adding any other cites in Canada this year.

Source: CTV News