Lyft adding a 911 button to app among other changes

The company is also making it easier to identify your driver's vehicle

In the coming weeks, ride-share company Lyft says it will add a new button to its app that aims to make it easier for riders to contact 911.

Beyond this button, the company also announced that it’s making driver’s license plates easier to view in the app to ensure people get into the correct vehicle.

Lyft also plans to offer sexual harassment prevention education to drivers and riders, according to the company. We’re not really sure how the company is going to teach riders this, but I think that it might mean that the company is going to share some kind of information in the app.

Finally, Lyft is also offering mandatory secondary feedback. This means that all riders who rate less than four stars will require additional insight from the app’s support team.

You can find out more about the app’s changes in Lyft’s blog post here. 

Source: Lyft