Google Pixel 3a shipping with old security patch, new one coming in June

Pixel 3a

Users who received the Google Pixel 3a have noticed that the phone shipped with a security patch from March.

Google has recently confirmed that the Pixel will receive an update that combines the April, May, and June security patches, according to 9to5Google. The update will be available on June 3rd.

June 3rd is a while away, but the company told 9to5Google that this is to “ensure the best customer experience.”

In the past, every Pixel 2/XL had their original builds carry security patches a month prior to the launch. The phones were then updated before consumers received them.

The change in the schedule for the Pixel 3a security patch is an exception to Google’s previous product shipments.

Despite having an old security patch, The Pixel 3a is being shipped worldwide.

Some speculate that the reason for the inclusion of the March security patch could be because the phones were ready to ship earlier than expected.

For now, users will have to wait until June for the new security patch.

Source: 9to5Google