Set up Amazon Alexa voice commands to you prepare for Game of Thrones Season 8

'Game of Thrones' fans can brace themselves with a Season 8 countdown, trivia and music

If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, a new Amazon Alexa feature might be of interest to you.

Amazon Alexa can now set up different voice functionalities to help you prepare for the critically acclaimed TV show’s final season.

For starters, ‘How Many Days,’ an Alexa skill blueprint, is able to customize your device to respond when Game of Thrones starts.

To set this up, you need to tell Alexa the event name, the starting date, tweak sounds and phrases, and then name the skill.

Afterwards, if you use the phrase “Alexa, ask How Many Days until Game of Thrones starts,” the device will respond with a countdown of days until the event.

If you want to refresh yourself or challenge friends on their Game of Thrones knowledge, you can also boot up a trivia game.

Simply ask Alexa to “start Unofficial Game of Thrones Trivia Game” and it will begin.

Or, let’s say you’re holding a Game of Thrones season premiere party. You have roast chicken ready for dinner and candles lit around the room, but there’s still a final missing piece.

Well, using your Alexa device, you can ask it to play medieval music to add to the atmosphere.

Game of Thrones’ Season 8 premiere is set to air on April 14th for HBO cable and Crave subscribers.