Tesla hacker finds hidden Autopilot red light stopping mode

It looks like Autopilot is going to get a big upgrade soon

Tesla’s Autopilot has been at the forefront of consumer available autonomous driving features, but it still can’t stop at red lights and stop signs.

That might not be the case for much longer as a notable Tesla leaker verygreen found a feature that allows the vehicles to stop at red lights, according to Electrek.

Be warned that your vehicle doesn’t have this feature enabled yet.

In the video, you can see a set of three traffic lights that appear on the dashboard when the car sees a light.

The feature became part of Tesla’s code in the latest software version  2019.8.3 update. Since verygreen has root access to his Tesla he’s enabled the feature, but he claims it isn’t incredibly stable, reports Electrek.

The leaker notes that if he wasn’t paying attention the feature would sometimes see a red light as green and it would try to run it. On top of that, if the vehicle can’t tell what colour the light is, it creeps up to the intersection pretty slowly, even if the driver can clearly see that it’s green, as per the report.

Source: Electrek