Mophie, Gear4 and more announce cases, screen protectors for S10 line

Kit out your new S10 with the latest cases and screen protectors

Following the launch of Samsung’s Galaxy S10, S10+ and S10e, a bevy of accessories are cropping up, including several from Zagg brands Mophie, InvisibleShield and Gear4.

Mophie is rolling out new Juice Pack battery cases designed for the three new Samsung flagships. The cases provide extra protection for the all-glass phones, along with an increase to battery life.

The Mophie cases will start at $99.95 USD (about $132.19 CAD) and will be available on the company’s website soon.

S10 Mophie cases

Additionally, InvisibleShield has several new screen protector options for each phone so users can pick from several options to protect their screens.

This includes the InvisibleShield ‘Ultra Clear,’ which the company says offers scratch and impact protection. Additionally, the screen protector has ‘self-healing nano-memory technology’ that InvisibleShield says is formulated with “smart molecules” to heal minor scratches and dings.

Additionally, InvisibleShield’s traditional ‘Glass+’ protector and ‘Glass+ VisionGuard’ — which protects against HEV blue light — will be available for the new S10 models. However, it’s worth noting that Samsung designed the Dynamic AMOLED display in its S10 devices to reduce blue light.


These will cost $29.99, $39.99 and $44.99 USD respectively (approximately $39.65, $52.87 and $59.48 CAD).

Finally, Gear4 offers protective cases for all the new Samsung phones along with a new ‘Chelsea’ insert for the S10 line.

It’s protective cases, including the ‘Piccadilly,’ ‘Crystal Palace,’ ‘Oxford,’ ‘Battersea’ and ‘Platoon’ all offer up to 20 feet of drop protection and range in price from $39.99 to $59.99 USD (about $52.87 to $79.31 CAD).

For those looking to spice up their look, Gear4 also offers a new line of ‘Chelsea’ inserts that work with any of its clear S10, S10+ or S10e cases. The inserts come in packs of four tied to a specific theme, like tattoos, nature and more.

A Chelsea insert pack will run you $14.99 USD (Roughly $19.82 CAD).

Zagg says all the new products will be available through the brands’ respective websites in the U.S. first but will ship to Canadians.

Eventually, all products will come to Canadian retail stores as well.

Update 02/22/2019: Corrected the details regarding the Gear4 Chelsea inserts, which were previously listed as cases.