Here are the cheapest options for getting a Galaxy S10 series phone in Canada

If you need an S10 right now, this guide should help

Canadian carriers are all eager to sell you a new Galaxy S10-branded phone and are already offering trade-in deals and incentives in order to bring the cost of the phone down from its hefty price tag.

Not all of these deals will be suitable for everyone, and some may not even be cost-effective in the long run, but if you’re desperate for a Galaxy S10 phone right now, these are the cheapest ways to get one.

The cheapest options

If you live in a region that has decent Eastlink or Freedom Mobile service, both of those carriers are offering the S10, S10+ and S10e phones for $0 on contract, which is hard to beat. Although, tying yourself to a smaller regional carrier come with the hassle of having a small home network.

If you’re looking for a cheap way to buy the phone outright, we’ve added a Best Buy deal at the bottom.

Freedom Mobile

Freedom Mobile is offering every version of the Galaxy S10 series for $0. The phone’s price drops because Freedom is offering up to $200 in trade-in credits for trading in an old phone that’s worth at least $25. Consumers get that $200 just for trading in a device, then depending on how much the device is worth, you could get up to $300 for it as well, for a potential total of $500.

Freedom also offers users the ability to use MyTab discounts of up to $420. You can combine this with the trade-in discounts for a full deduction of $920.

The rest of the device is subsidized from the user’s monthly plan.


Eastlink offers all S10 phones for $0 upfront and subsidized through a two-year contract. Although, the carrier requires a credit check before it sells you a phone and that status of your credit determines how much of the device Eastlink is willing to subsidize.

Eastlink is a bit cheaper since if you trade in a device, you’re eligible for a $100 or $200 trade-in credit to use towards the phone as well.

The Big Three’s offerings

If you’re looking for your device on a larger Canadian Network, then it’s good to know that Bell, Rogers and Telus aren’t shying away from incentives either.


Bell is offering a few discounts on the S10 series that mainly relate to its ‘Pay Less Upfront’ program. The program allows users to defer the upfront cost of their phone onto Bell, but you’ll either have to pay off that amount at the end of the contract to keep the phone or return it.

This means that you can get a base model S10 for $200 CAD, but since it’s $119 cheaper than buying the phone on a regular two-year contract you’d have to pay off that $119 at the end of your two-year contract to keep the phone.

It’s worth noting that only Bell’s ‘Premium Smartphone Plus’ or ‘Premium Smartphone Ultra Plus’ plans work with this deal.

Bell is also offering up to a $200 in-store trade-in credit for users who want to trade in their current phone towards a new S10. The fine print says, “to be eligible for the $200 rebate, the device must have a trade in value of at least $25. Device must power on and be functional. See bell.ca/tradein for details.” The S10e is only eligible for a $100 credit.

Bell is also offering a Samsung Smart Things tracker with the purchase of an S10 series device.

If you’re able to combine all these deals you can get a base model S10 for $0, an S10e for $0 plus a $100 in credits and an S10+ for $100 upfront. You still might have to pay Bell at the end of your contract if you choose to use the Pay Less Upfront program.


Rogers is offering $300 worth of credits for the S10 and S10+. This deal only works when you buy or pre-order the phone in-store, or pre-order online and ship it to a store to be picked up.

Similarly to Bell, the phone you trade-in only has to be worth $25 to activate the $300 incentive. Also, the phones must be purchased on a two-year contract to be eligible for the deal.

To get $200 off an S10e, you have to buy the phone on an Ultra Tab Share Everything plan.

This means that Rogers is offering the S10 for as low as $19, the S10+ for $159 and the S10e for $0 with a $200 credit.

Pre-ordering one of these phones gets users a 15 percent discount on select accessories from Rogers.


Telus’ deals stem from its Bring-it-Back program which is very similar to Bell’s Pay Less Upfront plan.

That means that customers can get the phone for a reduced price with the intention of returning it or buying out of its contract at the end of two years. The program only works with Telus’ Premium+ and Platinum plan tiers.

With this program, the S10 drops down to $100, the S10+ costs $220 and the S10e is $0.

Telus is also offering a free pair of its new Galaxy Buds with pre-orders.

The smaller brands


Koodo is offering a variety of activation credits depending on the model and the storage size. These credits come with any plan tier except buying the phone outright.

The 128 GB S10 comes with $120 in credits while the 512 GB option comes with $195 in credits. That means the cheapest S10 at Koodo can ultimately cost $200.

Samsung’s S10+ has $155, $230 and $335 in credits for its storage options respectively. That means the lowest price you can get an S10+ from Koodo is $305.

The S10e has the least amount of credits coming in at $65 and $100 for its two storage sizes. This means the lowest cost S10e at Koodo is $35.

Koodo is also offering free Galaxy Buds with pre-orders for the S10 and S10+, while the S10e comes with a Samsung Wireless Charge Pad.


Fido’s offers mimic Rogers’ closely. You can get up to $300 worth of credits when you trade in a device and get the S10 and S10+ on a two-year plan. The carrier’s offering up to $200 in credits on the S10e with the same restrictions.

When it breaks down, it becomes a bit different than Rogers. When you trade in a phone that’s worth at least $25 you get a minimum $100 in credits. Then pre-ordering the S10e get you another $100 in credits, for a potential total of $200 off.

The S10 and S10+ get a $200 activation credit when combined with the $100 trade-in deal for a total of $300 in credits.

Overall, this means that you could get the S10 for as low as $19, an S10+ for $159 and the S10e for $0 with $100 in extra credits.


SaskTel is also offering a ton of deals to entice users to pick up a new S10 smartphone.

If you pre-order an S10 at SaskTel by March 3rd you’re eligible for $200 in credits if you trade-in a device worth at least $25. SaskTel’s site also mentions that users will get the trade-in value for their old phone on top of the $200 in credits.

Like the other carriers, this is only eligible on two-year contracts.

Alongside the bill credits, users get a free Samsung Wireless Charger Duo when they pre-order.

The S10 starts at $219 with the carriers highest tier plan option, so that means it’s possible to get an S10 for $19 at SaskTel.

The S10+ gets as low as $159, and the S10e ends up costing $0 but can come with $200 in SaskTel credits.


Vidéotron is offering all of the S10 phones for a wide variety of prices depending on the price and tier of the contract you choose.

The S10, S10 and the S10+ are available for $0 upfront if you’re willing to pay $124.94 per month.

Vidéotron is also offering a pair of Galaxy Buds with the purchase of an S10 series phone.

Best Buy Canada

Best Buy is offering users a good option on buying the phone on a contract as well. There’s an option to get up to a $300 trade-in depending on the phone that’s traded in. Added on to that the company is offering a $400 Best Buy gift card. This offer is only available in stores.

The trade in deal starts at a minimum of $100 if you trade in a device that’s worth at least $25. Whatever the phone your trading in is worth gets added on top of the initial $100.

You can get another $200 off if you pre-order the device and pay for it by April 30th.

This isn’t a very cheap opportunity, but it’s an option for anyone looking to buy the phone outright.

Update 22/02/2019: The Freedom Mobile section has been edited for clarity and the Best Buy segment has been edited to fix an error stating the deal was for buying the phone off of contract.

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