First Orion’s call display system aims to tell users why they’re getting a call

The system could display the name of your credit card company and say it's calling to verify a recent transaction

First Orion Engage

Call protection and enhancement company First Orion announced the launch of its Engage platform to help businesses distinguish themselves from unwanted spam calls.

The announcement comes ahead of Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, where First Orion plans to showcase Engage.

The Engage solution will allow companies to brand outgoing calls with graphics and personalizations for customers. Further, Engage hopes to offers alternative interactions for customers beyond picking up the call.

For example, Engage could inform customers that their credit card company is calling to verify a recent transaction right in the call display screen on their phone.

Aside from helping customers understand why a business is calling them, Engage can help filter out spam.

First Orion Engage

It’s worth noting that Google already tries to do this by filling in business names and filtering out spam in the dialer app. Apple is also looking into a way it could prevent spam calls. However, Google’s dialer app is only available on some Android devices, whereas Engage would work at the carrier level.

Currently, First Orion is working to roll out Engage with major telecommunications, financial services, rideshare and delivery brands. Additionally, Engage is already available in over 50 countries, including Canada. The company has also worked with some Canadian carriers in the past.

Ultimately, First Orion hopes to make Engage accessible to mobile users throughout North America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa by 2020.

To learn more about First Orion and Engage, check out its website.