Apple patent indicates company is working on system to block spam calls

The system doesn't hold a candle to Google's call screening feature

iPhone call button

A new Apple patent indicates the company is working on a spam caller solution of its own.

Unlike Google’s solution, which can screen suspicious calls and take care of them for you, Apple’s just tries to determine the legitimacy of calls.

According to the patent details, Apple’s system would analyze technical data of calls to determine if they’re real calls or spam.

For example, the system would check to see if a call was using VOIP. A call using VOIP could indicate a spam call as spammers tend to favour that system.

Ultimately, the system doesn’t seem as robust as Google’s, which currently does it’s best to flag spam calls as they come in — not to mention the upcoming call screening feature.

Regardless, it will be a welcome addition to the iPhone, which currently relies on the carriers to catch and block spam callers.

Unfortunately, just because Apple patented the idea doesn’t mean it’ll make it. But in this case, considering how prevalent the spam issue is, hopefully Apple decides to make it.

Source: US Patent Office Via: The Verge, Apple Insider