Public Mobile offering $25 credit to both you and a friend on referral

Refer a friend until March 18th and you'll both get a one-time $25 credit

Public Mobile’s latest promotion gives both you and a friend a one-time $25 credit when either of you refers the other.

The Toronto-based carrier says you’ll have to tell your friend to successfully activate a Public Mobile SIM card online on a 30 or 90-day plan.

During the activation process, your friend will have to enter your Public Mobile phone number on the referral page. Be sure they enter your number and not their own so you get credit for the referral.

The $25 CAD credit will then be applied to both Self-Serve accounts within 72 hours of your friend’s online activation.

Further, Public says you’ll continue to be eligible for the regular $1 referral credit off your monthly bill for as long as your friend stays with Public Mobile.

The promotion runs until March 18th.

Source: Public Mobile