Uber, Lyft could come to Halifax: report

Uber and Lyft could eventually move into Halifax, Nova Scotia, according to a municipality staff report.

“It is inevitable that ride-sourcing will come to the region as it has to all major destinations in Canada,” the report reads, according to a February 5th The Chronicle Herald article.

It adds that Uber has had an interest in growing in Halifax and expressed a strong interest during a citizen survey.

The survey said that 88 percent of citizens wanted services like Uber and Lyft, and nearly 73 percent saying they wanted safer options to travel.

Based on the report, the municipality will work in collaboration with Halifax Transit to recommend necessary bylaw amendments to allow ride-sourcing in the region.

Uber Canada launched its services in Saskatchewan on February 5th, meanwhile, British Columbia announced legislation that would allow ride-sharing companies to operate sometime later this year.

Source: The Chronicle Herald Via: iPhone in Canada