Uber launches in-car fitness guide so you can workout during your next ride

What a time to be alive


Uber has launched an in-car fitness guide designed to keep riders active while getting to their next destination.

Yes, you read that correctly, and no, it isn’t April 1st yet.

The fitness guide, created in partnership with Adidas, features six easy moves you can perform while sitting in a vehicle. Uber says explicitly that the moves are designed to “maximize riding time and ensure that your minutes in an Uber are well spent.”

For example, one of the exercises, dubbed ‘The Power AB,’ targets the rider’s obliques and involves sitting in the backseat with your seatbelt on and reaching your elbow down to the seat.

Try to picture yourself doing this in the back of an Uber while maintaining a straight face. At the very least, your Uber driver will be entertained as you exercise the backseat of their vehicle.

Uber in-car fitness guide


Another exercise referred to as ‘Knees Into Chest’ involves pressing the palms of your hands into the vehicle’s seat and moving both knees to your chest. The result seems to be you sort of hovering over the seat in an awkward way.

“We teamed up with Adidas and Megan Roup to help Uber riders on the go maximize their time with a quick, safe workout. These small, isometric movements sculpt and tone so riders can target core areas — all with a seatbelt on,” said Uber representative Lexi Levin in a recent interview with Good Morning America about the initiative.

Below are all of Uber’s in-car exercises:

Uber exercises Uber exercises

Via: ABCNews