Jaybird launches refreshed Run XT true-wireless headphones

The Run XTs feature a revamped design and new colours

Jaybird Run XT headphones

Jaybird has announced the follow-up to its 2017 AirPods competitor, the Run XT.

The 2018 refresh of the XTs brings a design revamp, new colours and a podcast mode all at the same price as the previous model —  $229.99 CAD.

The XTs bring some other significant quality-of-life improvements as well. For example, the new true-wireless earbuds feature IPX7 water resistance to help them stand up to the elements and sweat.

Further, the Run XTs keep the one-touch controls from last year’s model coupled with four-hour battery life and a carrying case with another eight-hour battery.

Jaybird is also pushing its smartphone app as an essential part of the earbud experience, with custom equalizer settings and other audio tweaks.

Part of that experience is a new podcast playlist that offers curated playlists of various shows and episodes. The playlist is designed to encourage and provide learning opportunities during workouts.

It’s an interesting addition to the Jaybird app, but I question the necessity of it. Most people who want to listen to a podcast in 2019 already have a solution for doing so.

Regardless, Jaybird makes some excellent audio products, especially for those who love to exercise.

The Run XTs are available now from Jaybird’s website in black and gree, or blue and grey.

Source: Jaybird