Firefox Focus gets improved tracking protection, deceptive site warnings

You can choose whether Focus blocks all cookies, or just third-party trackers

Firefox Focus splash screen

Mozilla is bringing new privacy features to Firefox Focus in its continued quest to improve internet security.

Focus is the organization’s privacy-centred mobile browser. Mozilla designed it from the ground up to provide users with a tracking-free experience on the web.

Now, Mozilla is handing more controls to Focus users on Android as part of its Enhanced Tracking Protection initiative. This means users will be able to choose between blocking all cookies and trackers, all third-party cookies, or only third-party cookies with trackers.

While that latter option is available on desktop Firefox, the default in Focus was no cookies at all — which can often break some websites.

Ultimately, this allows users to accept cookies that benefit their browsing experience and block cookies that track them across the web.

Additionally, Firefox Focus will allow users to turn these tracking options on and off on a per-website basis. So if you come across a website that doesn’t work correctly, you can shut off the tracking protection for only that site.

Further, Mozilla has continued to improve Focus’ underlying engine: GeckoView. GeckoView is the organization’s custom mobile browser rendering engine that’s chock full of the improvements Mozilla added to desktops with Firefox Quantum.

Along with the new tracking protection features, Focus users on Android will get under-the-hood improvements for GeckoView. Additionally, Focus will now warn users in-browser about potentially deceptive websites.

Focus users on iOS are getting some love too. Mozilla is adding the option to enable search suggestions to Focus. Previously, when you typed in the search bar, Focus kept your input and didn’t send it to the search engine you used.

iOS users can now turn on search suggestions, making the browser send your input to the search engine, like Google, to retrieve suggestions. This feature came to Focus on Android in October.

Overall, this update for Firefox Focus is full of great new features. If you haven’t tried Mozilla’s privacy-focused mobile browser, you can download it for free for iOS and Android.

Source: Mozilla