Microsoft’s new Office progressive web app will make working easy

The new app is a PWA of the current Office.com website

Microsoft has a new Office app in the works that will replace the ‘My Office’ Windows 10 app.

The new app, simply called ‘Office,’ will borrow heavily the recently redesigned ‘Office.com‘ website. Microsoft says the revamped site resonates with consumers, with more than 40 percent of Office 365 web users starting their work at Office.com.

Microsoft decided that the ideal solution would be to turn its Office website into a progressive web app (PWA) on Windows 10. Not only does this bring the well-received website redesign to desktops, but it also unifies the Office experience for users.

The new Office app will be free to use and provide easy access to any Office 365 subscription, Office 2019, Office 2016 or Office Online — the free web-based version of Office.

Further, the PWA offers some extra functionality for users as well. For one, it allows users to switch quickly between apps.

It also makes it easier to get back to your work. Whether its store locally or in OneDrive, whether it’s in your documents, a pinned document, or a shared file, you can find it all in the Office app.

Plus, the Office app will support the new Microsoft Search — a unified search initiative that makes it easy to find things.

Finally, the new Office app will allow organizations to customize the interface with company branding. Further, businesses can integrate other applications using single sign-on (SSO) protocols, so employees have easy access to all the tools they need.

If you already have the My Office app, you’ll get the new Office app as an update in the coming months. Currently, it’s available for testers on the Windows Insider fast track.

It’ll also be available for download in the Microsoft Store and starting in summer 2019, will ship with new Windows 10 devices.

Source: Microsoft Via: ZDNet