Google wants to make web apps as powerful as native apps

The search giant plans to develop capabilities to close the gap between web and native apps

Google wants to make web apps as powerful as native apps and is working on new capabilities to do so.

According to a recent post on the company’s Chromium blog, web apps lack some pretty significant features that native apps have. This includes capabilities like file system access, idle detection and more.

To “close the gap,” the company plans to work on implementing these capabilities. However, the search giant stresses it will work to keep the web open at the same time.

Specifically, that means making sure the capabilities can run on any browser, any operating system and any device. To ensure this happens, the company will submit proposed capabilities to W3C’s Web Incubator Community Group for feedback.

Further, Google says the development process is no different than how it develops other web platforms.

To start, the company is working on a ‘writable files API‘ that would solve issues with a web app’s ability to access, make changes to, and save a file.

Additionally, Google plans to start work on other features, like idle detection, Async cookies, wake lock and more.

To see other capabilities Google has in development, including some it plans to start but hasn’t yet, check out the company’s Web Developers website here.

Source: Google Via: 9to5 Google