Fido reportedly offering $41/4GB win-back deal to Freedom Mobile subscribers

Fido also offered a $60/5GB plan and a $68/5GB plan

Rogers mid-tier flanker brand Fido is reportedly reaching out to former subscribers with three different win-back offers.

According to RedFlagDeals user and former Fido subscriber ‘Rogues2017,’ the carrier called to offer a 64GB iPhone X for a $29 down payment on a two-year $60/5GB plan.

The carrier also reportedly offered an undisclosed Samsung Galaxy S series smartphone or an iPhone 8 Plus for $0 on a two-year $68/5GB plan.

Rogues2017 said they were also offered a two-year, 4GB bring-your-own-phone (BYOP) plan for $41 per month.

The $41/4GB plan includes unlimited Canada-wide calls and text, unlimited international text and 1,000 international minutes per month.

“They waived the port-in fees and the activations fees for me,” said Rogues2017, in their October 9th, 2018 RedFlagDeals post.

Rogues2017 added that Freedom Mobile subscribers might be eligible for an additional 3GB per month on two-year plans.

Source: RedFlagDeals