YouTube dark mode widely rolling out to all Android devices

Android users can now easily toggle between YouTube’s light and dark themes

YouTube app icon on Android

After more than a full year of waiting, it appears that YouTube’s dark mode is now widely rolling out to all Android users.

The release comes approximately one month after users first began reporting that the Google-owned video streaming platform had begun to receive a server-side update with the dark theme.

That being said, while many users are receiving a dark mode notification, it appears that not all devices are receiving the actual server-side dark theme update as of yet.

Two non-Google Android devices at the MobileSyrup offices received a notification prompting them to “Try the new Dark Theme.

A MobileSyrup Essential Phone was able to activate the dark theme after closing out of and then relaunching the YouTube app.

However, a MobileSyrup Huawei P20 Pro that received the prompt was unable to activate the dark theme, even after clearing the YouTube app’s cache.

Google first added a dark mode to the YouTube web app in May 2017. The company followed up with a dark theme for the YouTube iOS app in March 2018.

Via: XDA Developers