Users can now record Skype calls on Mac and Mobile

The new feature makes it a lot easier to record voice calls on mobile

Microsoft has added a new feature that lets mobile Skype and Mac users record their calls.

Skype has long been one of the titans of the video calling industry, even with newer platforms like Snapchat and Instagram starting to wedge into the space.

The platform still has a lot of features not included this newer wave of apps, and it’s only getting better now that Microsoft is adding the ability to record conversations.

So far the feature is only available on mobile and Mac. To record a conversation, tap on the plus icon, then select ‘Start recording.’  The recording saves the audio and video, depending on the call format.

A notification pops up once a call starts being recorded, letting each person in the call know that what they’re saying is now on the record.

When the call’s done, users have 30-days to decide whether or not they want to save or share the recording before it disappears. If they opt to save the recording, it downloads as an MP4.

Call recording is coming to Windows 10 soon, and should roll out in the next update. There’s no word when this feature will come to Android.

Source: Microsoft