Low-cost Ikea smart plugs may be coming in October

Ikea website on Android

Ikea may be expanding its Trådfri line of smart lighting options. A recent leak showcased on Swedish tech blog Teknikveckan reveals Trådfri smart plugs.

The plugs reportedly come in two variants. The first, a ‘control outlet kit,’ has an on/off remote. The second, a ‘wireless control outlet,’ does not come with a remote.

The remote itself is magnetic and has a range of about 10 metres.

Furthermore, both plugs will support Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant and Alexa.

It appears the leak came from internal Ikea systems. Reddit users from r/tradfri posted images of the internal systems.

Tradfri plugs

User Lime-TeGek posted the first images which were later picked up by Teknikveckan.

Another user, poorbrewmaster, posted images captured at an American Ikea along with pricing.

Trådfri US

The control outlet kit with remote will retail for about $15 USD (or about $20 CAD). The wireless control kit will retail for $10 USD (about $13 CAD).

Finally, it appears the Trådfri line of smart plugs is slated for an October release.

At that price point, the Trådfri line could prove to be great options for those looking to make their homes smarter. $13 isn’t a tough ask at all for a plug I can control with my phone.

Source: Reddit Via: Teknikveckan, The Verge