Telus to change wireless rate plan renewal process August 14th, 2018 [Update]

Premium and Premium Plus subscribers will be forced to move to in-market plans when renewing

National wireless carrier Telus plans on launching a new renewal process for Premium and Premium Plus plan-holders.

According to documents obtained by MobileSyrup — and corroborated by a Telus spokesperson — Premium and Premium Plus plan-holders will be forced to migrate to in-market plans when renewing at all Telus locations as of August 14th, 2018 and all Best Buy locations on August 18th, 2018.

Platinum tier subscribers in Quebec will also be affected by the plan renewals.

Additionally, subscribers on a two-year share plan will be able to keep their existing plans and renew on a mid-tier level.

The documents also state that “‘Special, personal and limited times offers’ will all fall into this category.”

A Telus spokesperson clarified that the renewal changes will also affect grandfathered plans.

“Customers will only be required to move to an in-market plan if they are purchasing a new device on the Premium/Premium Plus tiers,” wrote Telus, in an email to MobileSyrup. “Customers will have the option to renew their plan on a mid-tier level.”

Mid-tier subscribers will not be forced to migrate to in-market plans, so long as their existing plans meet a $70 minimum. Additionally, all premium devices will now be available for purchase alongside mid-tier plans.

Telus says the new device purchase conditions will provide customers with “increase choice.”

Update 09/08/2018 3:54pm ET: A Telus spokesperson further clarified the following information via email:

“When purchasing a new device, customers will have the option to renew their plan on a mid-tier level even if they previous had purchased a device at Premium Plus. This renewal process will be applied to grandfathered plans.

If a customer is coming to the end of their two-year plan, and they don’t want a new device they can stay on their existing plan.”