Heimdal PRO will protect you from malware for $59

Nowadays, the antivirus program that comes preloaded with your computer is more than enough to protect you from nasty viruses. However, viruses are just one form of malware, and there are millions of threats lurking on the web that your standard antivirus program won’t detect.

That’s why you need a reliable anti-malware program such as Heimdal PRO to browse the internet safely; and right now, you can buy a lifetime subscription to Heimdal PRO for as little as $32.59 CAD.

Your PC’s security can be penetrated through threats like ransomware, malicious redirects, DNS hijacking, etc. Heimdal PRO protects you from these attacks by scanning and filtering all HTTP, HTTPS, and DNS traffic. It also prevents would-be identity thieves from finding private data such as passwords or credit card info. Finally, Heimdal PRO works non-intrusively by updating your vulnerable programs without disrupting your work.

Heimdal PRO Anti-Malware offers lifetime support for up to 4 PCs for $582.41 CAD [$446.60 USD], but this deal brings the price down to $58.67 CAD [$44.99 USD], or 89% off. Only have one computer? Heimdal PRO single-PC plans are also on sale for $32.59 CAD.