‘Nyjah Huston: #Skatelife’ mobile game now available on Android and iOS

Nyjah Huston: #Skatelife mobile game header

If you’re like MobileSyrup senior editor Patrick O’Rourke and have been clamouring for a skateboarding game in the vein of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, you might be in luck.

Nyjah Huston, the highest-paid skateboarder in the world, has partnered with developer Hugo Games to release Nyjah Huston: #Skatelife, a free-to-play skateboarding game for Android and iOS. In #Skatelife, you’ll control the 23-year-old pro as he skates around Venice Beach, California and performs grinds, air grabs and signature tricks.

The game will feature skateboard challenges that can be completed in exchange for new cosmetic items and tricks. Alternatively, you can also make in-game purchases to acquire these unlockables more quickly.

“I know that all my fans and skateboarders around the world are going to love the game,” said Huston in a press statement. “The game includes a ton of my signature moves and is a lot of fun to play. For those that have never been into skateboarding before, the game is a great way get in on the action!”

“We are excited to launch the Nyjah Huston: #Skatelife game to a worldwide audience,” added Henrik Nielsen, CEO of Hugo Games. “Nyjah Huston is a skateboard superstar and an amazing athlete. Fans worldwide will enjoy the opportunity to help steer the skateboarding icon through challenging urban and beach environments and doing tricks along the way. There are a lot of skate fans out there and this game is for all of them.”

Via: Android Authority