Apple’s latest ‘Shot on iPhone’ shorts celebrate the beautiful game

iPhone X

Whether someone calls it football or soccer, there’s no denying that the beautiful game transcends cultural boundaries.

In its latest trio of ‘Shot on iPhone’ shorts, uploaded to the company’s YouTube channel, Apple attempts to capture the universality of the sport — while showing off the capabilities of its latest top of the line iPhone X smartphone, of course.

In my personal favourite of the three, a Buddhist monk from Kagoshima, Japan speaks to how the sport can be a valuable tool for learning to overcome life’s challenges. In yet another one of the shorts, Apple tells the story of a group of Aborigine girls who play the game to celebrate their culture and traditions.

The tech giant has also updated the how-to section on its website with several new tutorial videos that show iPhone users how to create their own epic soccer-themed videos.

That said, even if you don’t have an interest in the sport — or any sport, for that matter — the tutorials are still applicable, as they cover techniques that can help with capturing other subjects.

Besides the above shorts, Apple has also added support for World Cup reporting to its Siri voice-activated assistants. In markets where Apple News is available, the company has been highlighting stories from the international tournament.

Source: Apple