Canadian-made Severed one of the last PlayStation Vita games to get physical release

Severed gameplay

Severed, the award-winning action-adventure game from Toronto-based indie developer DrinkBox Studios, is set to be one of the final physical PlayStation Vita releases.

Hong Kong games publisher Eastasiasoft has announced that it will produce 3,000 limited edition region-free physical copies of Severed for the PlayStation Vita.

This follows confirmation in May that Sony is set to end production of physical games for its beleaguered handheld in 2019.

Online retailer Play-Asia will be the exclusive seller of the physical Severed copies, which can be pre-ordered on Play-Asia.com starting on July 26th at 11AM ET. The game will cost $34.99 USD (roughly $46 CAD) and come in a collector’s box that includes a special certificate, manual and soundtrack. Shipments are free and will take place sometime in August.

Severed‘s April 2016 debut on the Vita was notable for being one of the few notable exclusive games to come out on the system in years.

By that time, Sony had abandoned first-party support for the Vita, with its studios instead focusing on the far more successful PlayStation 4 console. Severed also ended up garnering significant praise for its touchscreen-based combat and first-person dungeon crawling mechanics.

As Severed came to other platforms, a number of smaller indie games and niche Japanese titles continued to trickle out on the Vita over time. Ultimately, it’s unclear exactly how many units of the PlayStation Vita has been sold, given how Sony has declined to disclose them, but estimates place lifetime sales in the disappointing 10 to 15 million units range.

Via: Destructoid