Fortnite is coming to Android this summer

Fortnite sniper

Developer Epic Games has announced that its massively popular Fortnite game is set to launch on Android this summer.

While Epic didn’t confirm more specific release timing on Android, the company did announce a series of new features coming to the iOS version of the game.

Firstly, a customizable HUD has been added to the game in response to player feedback.

Voice chat is also coming to Fortnite mobile, allowing users on any platform to talk with one another while online. Epic says it’s also looking into building on this feature by adding simple mute and easy chat-starting options.

In terms of game performance, Epic says it is fixing code to optimize the experience, specifically citing increased graphic quality as an improvement. Alternatively, an upcoming battery-saving mode will also allow players to benefit from increased performance by lowering graphic quality.

Other quality-of-life changes include the reduction of Fortnite’s large installation size on mobile and improved ‘Autorun’ and shooting options.

While the new HUD is now available, there are no release dates for other announced updates yet.

These iOS updates will presumably be available to Android users in the future as well.

Source: Epic Games