Sony halts Google Assistant software update for headphones

The update will resume once Sony resolves the issue

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Sony has stopped the rollout of a software update to some of its headphones.

Earlier this morning, Sony’s WH-1000XM2 and WI-1000X headphones started receiving an update to version 2.0.0. However, the company reportedly halted the rollout temporarily due to an undisclosed issue.

A post on Sony’s support website says it will be releasing the update as soon as possible.

The update will bring full Google Assistant integration to the headsets as part of the search giant’s promise to bring Assistant to just about every device on the market. Sony went one step further and is bringing Assistant to some older devices as well.

Unlike many headphones that integrate Assistant by pressing and holding the call button, full integration like this from Sony gives users additional benefits. To start, you can set the noise cancellation button to summon Google Assistant instead. Because these headphones launched without Assistant baked in, there isn’t a dedicated button unfortunately.

The integration also gives users direct access to Assistant on iOS devices. Before the software change, the headphones were compatible with Siri and defaulted to Apple’s voice assistant.

Additionally, the headsets can now receive spoken notifications from Assistant and the push-to-talk feature works faster.

Sony has three more headsets slated for a similar software upgrade: the WH-CH900N, WH-H900N and the WF-1000X.

It’s good to see Sony supporting and adding extra features like Assistant to older headphones like this, especially without charging users for the extra benefits.

Hopefully Sony is able to resolve the issue shortly and resume the software update.

Source: Android Police