Browse Public Networks Securely for $13

Free Public Wi-Fi can be a godsend, especially when you have urgent duties to attend to on the web. However, browsing unsecured public networks leaves you prone to shady individuals such as hackers, even in the safety of your hotel room. A solid VPN is paramount if you want to browse securely on public networks, but with thousands of services on the market, choosing the right VPN for you can be daunting. To that end, you can’t go wrong with RA4W VPN, whose $13 plan will keep your devices secured for life.

RA4W VPN provides access to over 20 servers across 5 continents, keeping your private data, IP address and location encrypted and safe from prying eyes. You can connect to RA4W VPN’s servers using OpenVPN or RA4W’s very own custom client. Do you use an iOS device? RA4W even provides security for iOS devices, allowing you to browse the web securely while on-the-go.

A lifetime subscription of RA4W VPN would normally cost you $257, but you can subscribe today for $13 CAD [$10 USD], or 95% off.