Spigen announces new iMac G3 and iPhone 2G inspired iPhone X cases

Spigen iMac G3 and iPhone 2G inspired iPhone X cases

Spigen has announced new iMac G3 and iPhone 2G inspired iPhone X cases.

Yes, you read that correctly.

The iMac G3 design commemorating the 20th anniversary of the iMac comes in a variety of colours, just like Apple’s iconic all-in-one computer from the late 1990s, including green, black, red, clear and blue.

Spigen C1

Spigen says that case features a dual-layer structure, with an exterior shell and a flexible interior, complete with the company’s ‘Air Cushion’ shock protection that’s featured in its other cases.

While the case is extremely sleek looking and even features a clever “Authorized Service Provider Only” reference on its rear, it’s also rather bulky.

Spigen C1

This means that as undeniably cool Spigen’s iMac G3 cases are, they might not be for everyone. The iMac G3 was sold between 1998 and 2003 and is likely most well-known for its translucent, brightly coloured plastic body, which helped the all-in-one desktop standout in an industry full of white PCs.

Spigen is also releasing the Classic One (C1), a case that essentially turns the sleek-looking iPhone X back into the iPhone 2G.

This case also features two-piece construction designs to protect against drops and scrapes. Just like Spigen’s G3 cases though, it’s considerably bulky.

The iPhone 2G, which was released back in 2008, likely needs no introduction. The device kicked off the smartphone industry as we know it today and was Apple’s first smartphone.

Spigen says that cases are launching today on Indiegogo with the funding campaign running for the next 30 days.

It’s a little strange for Spigen, an established case manufacturer, to launch these retro-inspired cases via an Indiegogo campaign. That said, this speaks to the current climate surrounding crowdfunding — it’s less about upstart companies launching new product and more of a promotional platform at this point.

Still, Spigen’s iMac G3 and iPhone 2G cases are great throwbacks to two devices many fans of smartphones, tech and even Apple in general, likely fondly remember.

Spigen says that Classic C1 case is available for $25 USD and includes early bird specials starting at $18 USD. A multicoloured Classic C1 iPhone X pack starts at $65 UDS and includes all five original Mac G3 colours.

Spigen C1 Case

All of these cases can be found on Spigen’s Indiegogo page.